Barley Seeds


Hydroponic Green Forage



Eleusis Internacional, S.A. , has developed systems that enable the germination and cultivation of cereals and pod legumes, based on the hydropony principles (the cultivation of plants without soil).

The seeds become young plants in eight days, regardless of the available developable soil and the type of climate. A layer of succulent and fresh green forage is obtained, free of parasites, very tasty and with a high nutritional value, ready to be used for nourishing animals. This procedure allows to adapt the production volume to the needs of each stockbreeding exploitation, as well as to ensure a continuous and homogeneous supply all-year-round.

During the germinating process, enzymes that mobilise the seed's starch and protein reserves are triggered, converting them into basic nutritional principles (amino-acids and sugars) and creating new vegetable tissues rich in totally natural vitamins that may be assimilated. Like this, a highly digestible natural food is obtained, which increases the productive performances (milk and broods) and improves the health levels of the livestock, helping to optimise the exploitation of each area's natural resources.

The totally modular facilities are sized according to each livestock-breeder's needs. Set up in outdoor isolated sites, they have been designed seeking durability and easy handling. Electronic and computer systems control the process, providing the seeds with the optimal temperature, humidity, light, and ventilation conditions which allow for the highest production output.