International Agricultural Fair of Dakhla (Western Sahara)

The collaboration in the distribution of Eleusis equipment with international companies such as Farm Hope (official distributor of Eleusis in Morocco), meant the joint participation in the FAID, fair of reference in the agricultural sector in Western Sahara. Presented the ELEUSIS technology of green forage production in any climate, and the experience of various Moroccan farmers who are already using it. At the stand, visitors could see in operation a Cabinet module model EC-2-T production capacity 120 Kg. / Day of hydroponic green forage. It was a must stop for all those attending the event, among which we highlight the visit of the representatives of the Government of the Region.

Module E-6-TC in maritime container in Atyrau (Kazakhstan).

The international market relies on the Eleusis technology for the production of hydroponic green fodder every day of the year for the feeding of its animals. The destination of this 500Kg / day capacity team has been the Atyrau region in Kazakhstan.

Conference in Chitre (Panama).

Mr. Rafael Santos participated as a speaker at the aforementioned congress with: "The Green Germinates of Cereals (FVH) as a safe, economical and healthy Alternative in Animal Feeding". His speech closed the Congress, which was attended by a large number of farmers and representatives of institutions, interested in this technology.

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Eleusis presented its equipment at the Equitana 2017 (Germany).

Eleusis International participated with a very visited stand in the last edition of EQUITANA, held in Essen, Germany. The systems for the production of germinated cereals for animal feed interested horse owners, among which were important studs from Brazil, Oman, Switzerland, Belgium, Portugal, and of course Germany.

Eleusis modules in a maritime container in Cobán, Guatemala.

As part of the important dairy complex owned by Productos Valparaiso, a cereal germinated production facility produces 2,000 kg / day.In this case the property chose the format of facilities within HC shipping containers.They are assembled upon arrival at the destination, to form a functional unit with a large productive capacity.

Production of Germinated Green Forage Eleusis, in Morocco.

The emergence of new initiatives for the livestock sector in Morocco, have promoted the use of green germinated cereals as the main source in animal feed. The technology of Eleusis has been selected, due to its experience in this type of facility, its robustness and its productive advantages. Three facilities with production capacity have been supplied and commissioned in the Agadir region; 1.000 Kg./day, which will allow to produce green forage, in constant quantity, every day of the year.

Eleusis E-24-TX module with a capacity of 2,000 Kg / day (Portugal).

When new farms arise, their main concern is to find the best feed for their animals and for this the Eleusis teams solve all their concerns, obtaining a fresh green food every day of the year regardless of the weather. Knowing this, in Portel (Portugal) an installation of capacity 2,000Kg./day has been set up, expandable up to 6,000Kg./day as the needs of the property increase. In this case, intended for cattle feed, they rely on the green forage as the main element of the ration.

Ecological food with the Eleusis Modules (Italy).

Eleusis International has supplied an installation in the center of Italy for the production of barley green sprouts with a production capacity of 2,500 kg / day, expandable up to 5,000 kg / day.The objective is to feed turkeys and chickens in an ecological way. By using only seeds and water, the feeding of these birds is completely natural, with the germination of the nutritional principles in an ideal way for their assimilation. The welfare of the birds and the food safety of the consumers are guaranteed. Also part of the production of forage obtained in the module goes to the feeding of beef as you can see in the following images.

New Modules Eleusis in operation in La Serena (Chile).

Our main objective is to give the best solutions to the livestock sector, realizing turnkey projects that optimize the yields of the herds.In this case, we moved to Chile to implement the first system of production of green germinated cereals for the feeding of an important livestock located in La Serena. With an initial production of 2,500 Kg. / Day and capacity to double production, this is the first installation of a series of equipment that adapts perfectly to the varied climates found throughout Chile.

Turnkey projects of germinated production (Portugal).

The germinating world knows no limits. Eleusis has developed the first plant for the production of germinated lupine (lupinos albus) with a production capacity of 120 tons. / day (only in the world so far). The germinated obtained will be used as raw material, in an interesting business initiative promoted in Portugal, to obtain an edible biological fungicide of wide application in horticulture. The degree of automation in the plant is very high; It has an innovative system of mobile cultivation carts, in which the irrigation system is maintained by suberigation as the heart of the process, an automatic sowing system has been developed, as well as cleaning lines for sprouts, trays and trolleys completely automated The facility also has a system for recycling irrigation water. A whole set of technological achievements that we can feel very proud of.

Cabined modules Eleusis for small productions from 60 Kg / day. (Portugal).

We do not just market large facilities. We have a wide range of equipment that start at 60Kg. / day of production of green germinated cereals for the feeding of their animals. In this case, with 120Kg. / day is enough to feed this small livestock located in the center of Portugal. The Cabinados modules are transportable and have the same functions and characteristics as a higher production equipment. Guaranteeing maximum yields using only seed and water for production, giving the optimal conditions of air conditioning to the system.

Module Eleusis E-126-TX. 10.000 Kg. of Green Forage (Algeria).

One of the challenges faced by farmers today is to get the best possible feed, maintaining regularity and consistency in the supply, and at the lowest possible cost. All this without compromising the health and welfare of your animals. When livestock has a significant number of animals, this decision is one of the most important. The equipment we present has a production capacity of 10,000Kg / day of green fodder intended for cattle feed every day of the year.

Eleusis modules in containers for Villa Nueva (Guatemala).

The new concept of modules Eleusis developed into containers, simplifies installation thereof without civil works. These models have been designed especially for the international market. This module called E-6-TC, has a production capacity of 500 kg / day and has the same features as standard equipment. In this case, his destination was Villa Nueva (Guatemala), shipped directly from our facility.

Cabined Tray Module Eleusis in Mont de Marsan (Francia).

Following the marketing of cabined tray modules, it has made delivery of a module for production hydroponic green forage for food racehorse. The fate of this module has been on the famous Mont de Marsan along the racecourse Grands Pins in France.

Cabined Tray Module Eleusis in Macedo de Cavaleiros (Portugal).

Portugal is the fate of one of our modules, specifically in Macedo de Cavaleiros. All our customers are convinced of the advantages of the use of hydroponic green forage to feed their animals, hoping Eleusis system for the production of the fresh green food every day of the year.

Eleusis goes to Peru through "the front door".

The organizing committee of the LXX NATIONAL HORSE COMPETITION PERUVIAN, taking advantage of the event, invited Rafael Santos Alonso (CEO of Eleusis Internacional), to lecture on the "Systems for hydroponic forage production and its advantages in animal feed ". During the days of the contest, in Mamacona, near Lima, walk in forage production Eleusis farm was in operation. and five more units are ready for implementation in different farms in the country.

10,000 Kg. / Day in Atyrau region (Kazakhstan) to feed dairy cattle.

Eleusis®: Made in Atyrau region, Republic of Kazakhstan an important installation "turnkey" to feed dairy cattle. It comprises three rooms for culture, has a production capacity of 10,000 kg. / Day of hydroponic green forage. This customer has already acquired another similar facility 20 years ago, still in operation and after the completion of a new livestock facility, has needed to expand production of green fodder, and has come to count on us.

Facilities Eleusis for equine feeding in Guatemala.

The production facilities of green fodder Eleusis® are being addressed throughout the breeds world. With its homogeneous production of fresh forage of high quality every day of the year and with the guarantee of over 25 years of experience in the sector. This installation of 3.500kg. / Day is intended for feed for Peruvian horses. Located in Guatemala this module it´s one of the largest in the country. Taking advantage of the existing building structure this module housed inside two full production plants hydroponic forage.

Cabined Tray Modules EC-2-T 120 Kg./day Eleusis in El Salvador.

Cabined tray modules allow farms with few animals to enjoy the hydroponic green fodder to feed animals. In this case two independent modules Eleusis have been mounted in El Salvador for horse breeding.

Cabines Tray Modules EC-2-T 120 Kg./day Eleusis

on the French island La Reunión.

Five cabines tray modules has acquired French company SICAREVIA located on the island of Reunion. From the Centre d'élevage Mont Caprice is promoting the use of hidroponic green forage Eleusis for feeding animals on the island. These modules were installed strategically throughout the region and reaching all farmers who are interested in using the technology.

Facility E-3-T 250 Kg./day Eleusis on Alfaiate region (Portugal).

Complete installation of a module Eleusis to produce hidroponic green forage. Production capacity 250Kg. / Day. This facility was made entirely including the building. Inside is the small module. Destined to feeding horses in a Portuguese town.

E-24-TX 2.000 Kg./day of production HGF ELEUSIS on Portugal.

We continue with the installation of hidroponic green forage systemsEleusis®. Now for feeding a herd of beef cattle located in Portugal with production capacity of 2,000 Kg. / Day starting this green fresh food.

Facility E-6-T 500 Kg./day Eleusis in the Murcia region.

In recent months there are a lot of farms that have joined the production of hydroponic green fodder to feed their animals rely on the quality of Eleusis® systems. This new installation of medium size, is intended to feed horses and goats in the Murcia region.

Facility E-6-T 500 Kg./day Eleusis. We visited Mallorca.

Installation for the production of hydroponic green forage Eleusis® in Mallorca. This equipment has been installed on the island of Mallorca whose maximum output is 500 Kg. / Day to feed all the animals of the farm.

E-30-TX 2.500 Kg./day in United States.

We return to the international market with the completion of a hydroponic plant toproduce green forage Eleusis® This module have 2.500kg. / Day of production capacity. In this case it is being designed to feed cattle in the area of Oklahoma..

Module E-6-T 500 Kg./day Eleusis for horses in Madrid.

The Aladroque Stud has its facilities with our module Eleusis® for production of green fodder for feeding their animals.

Hydroponic green forage Eleusis for feeding goats.

The Experimental Farm of Cabildo of Lanzarote has its facilities with Eleusis module to produce hydroponic forage with production capacity of 500kg. / Day for food mainly goats.
Our facilities are suitable for feeding all kinds of farms mainly due to savings on food and forage quality obtained with our system.

Eleusis facilities for feeding Iberian pork.

The facilites to produce hydroponic fodder Eleusis® are a leader in the agricultural and livestock world.
With its homogeneous production of fresh forage of high quality every day of the year and with the guarantee of over 25 years of experience in the sector.
The iberian pork pig sector has shown great interest in our systems and our achievements has been to a iberian pork farm in Albuquerque (Badajoz) with a production cycle of 2.500kg. / Day of forage.

Eleusis Internacional in SICAB 2010.

Coinciding with the 20th anniversary of the International Horse Fair most important of our country, (SICAB), Eleusis Internacional made clear the quality of its facilities for the production of green fodder. After year there are more farms that are interested in our production system this natural food for their animals healthy.

Hydroponic green forage for partridges.

Our latest facilities for production of hydroponic fooder, for feeding partridges, from different producers in Spain. We show some pictures of them that have adapted perfectly to its new feed system.

Cabined Tray Modules Eleusis to produce green fodder,

the perfect solution for small farms.

With productions of 60 and 120 kg. / Day for Hydroponic Green Fodder, the cabined modules become one the products most in demand by consumers and small farms with fewer animals.
They come fully installed and is only necessary to have a power light, water and barley seed.

Agricultural Madrigal has 4,000 Kg. / Day. facility to produce

Hydroponic green forage for feeding their animals.

Hydroponic fooder facilities Eleusis grow in Spain. Agricultural Madrigal already has at its facilities in a plant to produce hydroponic forage consists of two production halls of 2,000 Kg. / Day for feeding their livestock.

Expansion of hydroponic installation of Livestock

D. Ricardo Romero de Tejada 1.500 Kg. / day.

To complement its magnificent livestock and after analyzing the results of the same, D. Ricardo Romero de Tejada has expanded its facilities hydroponic forage 1,500 kg. / Day elying on production system Eleusis to feed their animals.

Eleusis Internacional in SICAB '08 - Hydroponic green forage

Ideal food for the health of their animals

Given the growing interest of the equine industry in the hydroponic green fodder, Eleusis Internacional, as in previous years, it presented its system for the production of this food every day of the year in this important event for the sector.

In this last edition it was once again evident experience, technology and knowledge in the production of this fresh green food.

Eleusis hydroponic green fodder is meant to guarantee obtaining this healthy natural food for animal health.

The studs know and therefore rely on the system Eleusis as production of green fodder every day of the year

Livestock D. Aquilino Fraile produces 2,000 Kg. / Day

for hidroponic green forage Eleusis to feed their animals.

One of Eleusis Internacional facilities for hydroponic forage production is owned by D. Aquilino Fraile. The facility for this green fodder every day of the year is intended for feeding PRE horses and bulls that has in its magnificent livestock.

Livestock of D. Ricardo Romero de Tejada has in

its facilities with a production of 500 Kg. / day.

This installation of hydroponic forage production is destined for the feeding of all its livestock, especially horses and cattle for fattening.

The stud "Los sueños" wide the production of HGF

for their horses with an installation of 250 Kg. / day

Stud "Los Sueños" has expanded its production from 60 kg. 250 kg. / Day at its facility upon convince the outcome of hydroponic forage Eleusis on the health of their animals.

Hidroponic green forage Eleusis - SICAB '07

In last year's the International Horse Show, SICAB, Eleusis International resubmitted once again, its technology in the production of hydroponic green forage for horse feed.

Maintaining its philosophy, visitors could observe a cabined tray module 60 Kg. / Day, supported by a full video made for the event.

We appreciate the interest shown by the visitors, who every day are convinced of the benefits of green fodder to feed their animals.

Stud Torreluna (Sevilla) commitment for forage production

for his horses with a facility of 4.000 Kg. / day

Stud Torreluna commitment for Eleusis system to produce hydroponic fooder for all their livestock and already has an installation of 4,000 Kg. / Day at full capacity.

Stud Miño (Alicante) has a facility to produce

Hydroponic green forage for their horses

Large studs are encouraged to produce hydroponic green forage for their animals after attending our stand in SICAB'06. The champions of Spain also feed with green fodder Eleusis.

Great interest of the equine industry in the use of green fodder

for feeding their horses in SICAB '06

Eleusis International participated for 21 to 26 November at the International Horse Show, SICAB, with its own stand, where visitors could see a cabined tray module for produce hydroponic green fodder.

Food with HGF, aroused great interest by the audience, with constant requests for information for their establishment in the nutrition of their animals.

The HGF, given its nutritional characteristics, certainly, is the healthy natural food for animals whose production is fast, easy and economical.

We appreciate the interest shown by visitors who came to see our facilities.

The installation presented was acquired by stud "Los Sueños" located in Mairena del Alcor (Sevilla).

Application of the Green germination in the Iberian Pork´s nutrition

For the first time ever in Spain, a facility that produces 1.000 Kg/day of green germination for nourishing the

Iberian Pork has been started up.


Cabined Tray Modules

The commercialisation of Cabined Facilities begins; especially designed for small livestock-breeders.

  • Model EC-1-T ....................... 60 Kg Production of green germination / day


  • Model EC-2-T ...................... 120 Kg Production of green germination / day