A series of very important qualitative and quantitative transformations take place in the seed germination's process.

In a matter of a few days, the seed's germ, the future plant's embryo, as a storage of energy in the form of carbohydrates and lipids, is capable of transforming itself into a little plant capable of capturing solar energy (photosynthesis) and absorbing mineral elements from the nutritional solution.

In this condition, the plant, both by its aerial part as well as in the radicular zone, grows very quickly, possessing little fibre content and a high protein level, part of which is in a new formation stage, which is why a great part of the amino acids are free and are more easily exploited by the animals that consume it.

The Green Hydroponic germination therefore possesses special nutritional features, among which we may highlight:

  It's alive.

No doubt, and unlike any food that is not consumed directly in a field, this is a product that reaches the animal's mouth alive, in full growth, thus conserving all its vitamins and digestive enzymes, that are so worthy for the livestock.

  It is complete and compound

This is a type of food different than the rest, since the animal consumes the aerial part, the first green leaves, the seed's leftovers with the mobilised starch and the root area rich in sugars and proteins.

The result is a balanced product, with a complete and constant composition, which optimally provides the livestock with the nutritional principles.

  It's natural

Only the seed's germinating power is exploited for its cultivation, there not being any other artificial process or manipulation in its development.

Unlike other forages or fodder, Green Hydrophonic Germination comes from the natural germination and formation of a PLÁNTULA that the animal eats wholly. The same factors that produce the plant's rapid growth are transmitted in correct assimilation to the animal's metabolic process.

  It's attractive

Its appearance, colour, taste and texture attract the animal, that finds in it a type of food it knows genetically, and which, in addition to all the described nutritional elements, includes a part of the water necessary to its diet.



Germinating Process