In response to the different needs of its clients in the last twenty years, Eleusis Internacional has developed various production systems that greatly reproduce the natural biological process of the seeds' germination, seeking the following characteristics:

  Continuous and homogeneous production

No matter what the climate is like, the livestock-breeder may supply the same type of green germination, both during the hot and dry summer days, as well as during the cold winter ones, managing to satisfy his livestock's fresh green products' needs all-year-round.

  Great water economy

Only approximately two litres of water per kilo of produced green germination are necessary, a significant figure compared to the one necessary for obtaining one kilo of alfalfa in irrigation ( 400 l . of water\Kg. of produced alfalfa).

  Great surface economy

Up to 20 Kgs. daily of Hydroponic Green Germination are produced in one m2 surface.

Like this, 50 m2 dedicated to the Hydroponic GreenGermination's cultivation produce the same annual amount in kilos as 6 cultivated Has. of alfalfa.

Speaking in terms of foraging units, the same 50 m2 of barley hydrophonic cultivation produce the same amount of foraging units as 12 Has. of alfalfa.

  Energy savings

The ground's mechanical tasks are totally eliminated, thus also eliminating the sowing, harvesting, collection, transport, etc., all of which involve a great consumption of energetic products.


One kilo of Hydroponic Green Germination costs between 0.05 and 0.06 Euros, considerably less than any other product with similar characteristics.

  Simplicity in handling

The system does not require any special technical knowledge, since the design and materials chosen for its construction facilitate the handling operations.


The facilities are modular, moreover they may adapt the daily production to the needs the cattle-breeder may have no matter when, by only decreasing the amount of seeds; without affecting the final output.