Meat Centres

The meat industry offers an ever-growing variety of products elaborated for human consumption, thanks to the transformation processes' evolution and modernisation.

By means of a team of expert professionals in the sector, Eleusis Internacional approaches meat engineering by carrying out small and large scale projects for each of the manufacturing processes, necessary as of the animal's arrival at the slaughterhouse to its total transformation into alimentary products and meat by-products:

Slaughterhouses (slaughtering means for all types of animals).

Conservation and refrigerating chambers.

Meat elaboration factories. Sausage, smoked and pre-cooked goods, etc., prepared for their commercialisation, packaging and labelling.

Sub-product exploitation plants. Slaughterhouse residue pick-up for obtaining:

      • Flour for animal nutrition.
      • Fats for human and animal nutrition.
      • Jellies, etc.


•  Refrigerated classification, conservation and storage of skins.

•  Tannery design and Know-How for different types of skins, both in their finished condition as well as semi-processed one (wet-bule, crost).

•  Tannery sub-products' treatment.

•  Confection and leather goods industries.

Meat complexes. Mono-block constructions that include various or all the former options, increasing the processes' efficacy and profitability.

The European Economic Community's regulations, as well as of course, the legal and socio-cultural peculiarities of the country where it is located, are borne in mind for each project.