"Turn Key " Project


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The word engineering is linked to inventiveness, man's ability to face a problem and find practical solutions.

Eleusis Internacional S.A. , fully identifies itself with this concept, creating "Turn-Key" projects adapted to no matter what need to wherever it should arise. It has set up facilities with the most advanced technology in countries such as the US, South America, Asia and Arab Countries.

Professional experts supported by the most modern calculation and design technology have made Eleusis Internacional S.A. be a leader in the cultivation of forage without soil (hydroponic) for the livestock's correct feeding.

Eleusis Internacional S.A. has set up farms with high levels of automation and productivity in the stockbreeding sector, obtaining an excellent exploitation of natural resources, eliminating the adverse environmental effects.

A step further is turning the primary products generated in agriculture and stockbreeding into articles consumed by humans. Eleusis Internacional S.A. develops projects that offer solutions to the Agro-alimentary sector in different industries.

Closing the productive cycle counts on the best technology in depuration and environmental issues, which collaborates in conserving a world where it may be a pleasure to live in.