Beer and Malt Factories

Two phases that give way to two types of industries may be distinguished in the process for obtaining beer from barley as a basic raw material:

•  Obtaining malt (MALT-HOUSES)

•  Obtaining grape juice and fermentation (BEER FACTORIES).

Eleusis Internacional has entrusted two teams of experienced specialists who make up this division (for malt-houses and beer factories) with all the technical means it possesses.

Both teams' coordination allows to undertake totally new projects, as is modernising old factories, applying its engineers' latest technologies and Know-How, accumulated thanks to many years of international experience.

The services that Eleusis may offer its clients are structured as follows:
  • Drafts: which are a base for the future detail project.
  • Detail project.
  • Crew's preparation and training.
  • Quality control systems.
  • Reconstruction and remodelling of factories.
  • “Key-in-hand” beer complexes.
  • Mini-factories (beer and malt).