Biomass Exploitation Studies

Focusing on the agro-energy area, Eleusis Internacional, S.A. performs studies of biomass exploitation, examining each territory's energy possibilities, proposing a series of actions to optimise the results achieved.

Global Action for the biomass resources' exploitation.

Potentiality analysis of the different biomass resources.


      • Agro-alimentary residues
      • Wood transforming industries' residues
      • Grass residues
      • Woody residues
      • Agricultural residues
      • Residuos forestales

Generic actions to be developed.

  • Solid Bio-fuel Densification and Elaboration Plants
  • Energy Cultivation
  • Investment and exploitation accounts' analysis
  • Impact on the energetic and economic balance

Concrete actions.

  • Public Administration's participation
  • Biomass resources' use
  • Development of the Population's use

Estudio Regional Aprovechamiento de Biocombustibles Sólidos