The Eleusis Group began its activity in 1986, focusing its activities on the development of green hydrophonic forage production (GHF). Setting out with its own patents, it begins a spectacular introduction of this animal nutrition technology in the Spanish livestock-breeding sector, followed by an important exportation activity to various continents.

The activity diversifies, in order to approach varied agro-industrial and agro-livestock breeding projects, usually in the “Turn-Key” modality. There is a clear belief in the technological innovation and its application in the real world.

Meat complexes, dairy centrals, malt-houses, beer factories, agro-livestock breeding complexes, compote plants, depurators, nutrition centrals, green germination production facilities for animal nutrition, etc.

The Eleusis Group is consolidated as an efficient Engineering and Construction company, able to face challenges and commit itself with its client in order to meet his need and expectations.






Hydroponic Green Forage


In trays System